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Aquaman Movie: Review

The following may have things that could be considered as spoilers. If you care about spoilers, then I advise you to wait until you see the movie.

I recently saw Aquaman and I really enjoyed it. I think it was the best DCEU movie so far and that DC and Warner Brothers might be moving in the right direction. whether it’s enough to save the DCEU, that depends on future movies. There were some things about the movie that were obvious and other things that I expected to happen that didn’t.

One thing that I noticed about the movie is that it felt like Star Wars, Thor, and Black panther all in one. The relationship between Mera and Arthur is what reminded me of Star wars, especially when they were roaming in the desert. They had argued often just like Han and Leia. Another thing was that Arthur would leave Atlantis to hang out with the surface world just like Thor left Asgard to go to midgard (earth). Lastly, Arthur was focusing on getting his nation out of it’s own way, and stopping a family member from going to war with the outside world. Also he had to take over as king just like T’challa had to take the throne back from Killmonger.

Even though it was similar to all of these movies. it is very unique and I would not consider it a rip-off or copy. Also the source material in the comics that was used for the movie came before the others.

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  1. mshah1975

    intersting take…I agree with your perspective. overall I like the fact that it included a origin story and seizing the throne. I wasn’t very familiar with the Auquaman storyline, would you say that this was an accurate depiction of the comic

    1. moneyman

      I would say the depiction was accurate. There were a couple of things that were different, but for the most part it was very accurate.