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DC Villains: Chemo

Chemo is a giant Super-villain in DC Comics. He first appeared in Showcase #39 in July 1962. He can fire hazardous chemicals and regenerate from attacks. Although he is the…

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The Ages of Comics

There are a lot of different things floating around about the ages of comics but I think it's really just about how you interpret it. After doing a little research…

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DC Villains: Fiddler

Alter Ego: Isaac Bowin 1st Appearance: All-Flash #32 Powers/Abilities: mind controls people by playing music with his violin Enemies: Flash (Jay Garrick) Affiliations: Injustice Society/ Underground Secret Society/Secret Six  …

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DC Comics Heatwave

Heatwave is a supervillain from DC Comics. He is typically depicted as an enemy of the Flash and a member of the rogues. He uses a flamethrower and a heat-resistant suit.…

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Autobot: Bluestreak

1984 Toy Bio Function: Gunner "I never met a Decepticon I didn't dislike" Bluestreak often talks incessantly and inanely. He lightens the situation for all Autobots with his good-natured manner.…

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