Aquaman Trailer The mythical Atlantis, a displaced king, a usurper to the throne, the lost trident, war with land dwellers, battle among the kingdoms of the ocean and of course revenge…

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Mister Camera

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Identity: Harry Simms 1st appearance: Batman #81 Date of debut: February 1954 Appearances: Batman (Comic series) Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Comic series) Batman: The Brave and the Bold…

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Clock King

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Identity: Willaim Tockman 1st appearance: World's Finest Comics #111 Date of debut: August 1960 Clock King II - Identity: Tem 1st appearance: Teen Titans #56 Date of debut: April 2008…

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Calendar Man

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Julian Gregory Day 1st appearance: Detective Comics #259 Date of debut: September 1958 Other Media Appearances The New Batman Adventures (Calendar Girl) Batman: The Brave and the Bold The Lego…

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