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DC Villains: Cavalier (Mortimer Drake)

Alter Ego: Mortimer Drake

1st Appearance: detective Comics #81


  • hand  to hand combat

    Image result for detective comics 81
    This is an image of Detective Comics #81, the first appearance of cavalier.
  • swordsman
  • electrified sword

Enemies: Batman Family (Batman, Robin, Batgirl ,ect


  • Secret Society  of Supervillains

Origin: Mortimer Drake had exotic taste, but when he was unable to legally purchase more exotic valuables, he resorted to theft. He donned a musketeer-like costume and called himself the Cavalier. This brought him into conflict with Batman and Robin, who would fight him many times, but he usually escapes

Personal Thoughts: I am personally a fan of the Cavalier. Most batman villains uses guns, but I like how Cavalier carries a sword. It sort of separates him from the rest. Another thing I find cool about him is that he has a code. In Batman Family #10, He was defeated by Batwoman and Batgirl because his code wouldn’t allow them to hit females.

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