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Is Princess Shuri Comic Coming in October?

Black Panther: Big Brother T'Challa and *smarter than her big brother* Little Sister ShuriAccording to reports, the little sister of Black Panther T’Challa is getting here own series.  It makes since, considering the success of the Black Panther movie and the growing audience of female comic fans.  Nnedi Okorafor is reported to be the writer for the Shuri series and it is scheduled for release in October 2018.

This should be interesting considering that Shuri is more of a scientist than a fighter.  Not to dimenish her combat skills, but she is definitely more of a tech geek.  Technology and gadgets have worked well for other good guys such as Tony Starks (Iron Man) and Bruce Wayne (Batman).  The Princess of Wakanda should have no lack of creativity or resources.

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