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The Ages of Comics

There are a lot of different things floating around about the ages of comics but I think it’s really just about how you interpret it. After doing a little research about the ages I developed my own interpretation of the ages of comics.

The Golden Age: 1938-1955

The Golden Age was said to be started with Action Comics #1 (first appearance of Superman). The Golden Age comics weren’t labeled as “superhero stories” because they featured many horror, western, detective, and romance stories. It may not have been all about superheroes, but it can be considered the upbringing of superheroes. They did have some superheroes then, but they just didn’t depict super-villains like how they are depicted today. Some superheroes were mainly fighting in wars, like Captain America and Superman.

The Silver Age: 1956-1970
The Bronze Age: 1970-1985
The Dark Age/Iron Age: 1986-1996
Modern Age: 1996-Present

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    Bronze n Iron Age for me